On 16 March, 2009 the act of General Acknowledgement of Acceptance has been signed between Marzio Nessi, Technical Coordinator of ATLAS Collaboration, and Alexander Sharmazanashvili, Director of Georgian CAD/CAM Engineering Center. According to this act both parties have acknowledged and agreed that ATLAS Agreement signed in Geneva, Switzerland on April 20, 2006 has been executed successfully. As a result GCCEC has developed and conveyed to ATLAS the database of CATIA models entitled “CATIA models DB of ATLAS version 1.0 – 2008”. GCCEC spent 31 months and 13’000 man/hour manpower resorce for project. Package consists of 8 DVD’s with total 31Gb data, containing – 3D CATIA editable models in form of CATProducts and CATParts; 3D CATIA non-editable models in form of CGR facet based representation; 2D CATIA editable models in form of CATDrawings; Compare reports of checking of CATIA Assemblies in form of HTML documents; Completeness report of checking of CATIA assemblies In form of HTML documents. By signing General Acknowledgement of Acceptance both parties acknowledge and agree that all rights, title and all copies thereof are and shall remain in the property of ATLAS. All intellectual property rights including copyright, sharing, any changes, alternations or modifications thereto whether made by the GCCEC or ATLAS are and will remain to ATLAS. ATLAS further agrees to make reference on GCCEC in case of uploading of product or constituent elements of product on sources for public implementation. GCCEC further agrees not to use product in business entity. 4 identical copies of product have been issued, 3 of them have been delivered to ATLAS and 1 copy to GCCEC.

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