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Nuclear Engineering Centre of GeorgianTechnical University established in 2005

Nuclear Engineering Center was established at GTU in 2009. The center proceeds scientific and academic activities in information technologies. The Center have collaborative projects with the European Organization for Nuclear Research – CERN, Geneva, Switzerland, within which it participates in the development of work packages, together with American and European universities. The center has 17 years of experience in collaboration with CERN. For the ATLAS experiment, 13 contracts were executed and 25 work packages were processed. 43 students of GTU were involved in the mentioned collaboration, 12 students were on a long-term business trip to CERN; 3 doctoral and 9 master theses were prepared; Participated in 146 CERN workshops.
In 2021, two long-term research agreements were signed with CERN – the ATLAS Association Agreement and the IPPOG Agreement. ATLAS is the world’s largest scientific collaboration, which unites 181 institutions from 43 countries. With the association agreement, GTU took a worthy place among these institutions. Within the framework of the agreement, 5-year research-scientific activities will be carried out in GTU in four directions – Linux administration and software quality management; the processing of cognitive metaverse applications; Visualization and modelling.
IPPOG (International Particle Physics Outreach Group) collaboration unites educational centers and universities in 46 countries. According to the agreement, the Nuclear Engineering Center should develop a cognitive software-methodology complex for conducting CERN master classes. The mentioned complex should be introduced at the master classes held in Georgia, and in case of successful results, it should be shared in the IPPOG educational network.

Scientific and Academic Activities


Nuclear Engineering Center of the Georgian Technical University has collaboration with the ATLAS since 2005. During this time, several large projects were carried out.


Nuclear Engineering Center of the Georgian Technical University has been actively cooperating with the IPPOG collaboration since 2017. The IPPOG collaboration promotes popularization of physics as a science and related technologies among young people.


An English-language master’s program –“Information Technologies in Nuclear Engineering” was created at the Nuclear Engineering Center, which received accreditation on September 18, 2020.The program is implemented at the Faculty of Informatics and Control Systems of GTU.