CATIA models Data Base of ATLAS Detector

ATLAS detector have simple profiles and assemblies with enormous complexity. Development of entire geo model of detector is caring out by large number of collaborative partners in heterogeneous environment. Thus, entire geo model is distributed into different representations. Geo model of ATLAS detector was built on CATIA v5 platform and consists of 3’705 big assemblies with 32 GB data. It contains more than 10’000’000 functional elements. It was built by migration of models from Euclid, Pro/Engineering and MDT platforms into CATIA platform. 40% of models where failed during the migration and was recovered by GCCEC. ATLAS management, Geneva, Switzerland signed acknowledgement of Acceptance which certify author rights of GCCEC on the product. Database was used for the development of official engineering database on Smarteam at CERN, Geneva, Switzerland.

Acknowledgement of Acceptance.pdf

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