Day 3: Dynamic Third Day at PMBC’2023 Workshop:

Tbilisi, Georgia – The third day of the Conference (PMBC 2023) Workshop ‘Partners Meeting for Better Collaboration’ unfolded with a blend of engaging round table discussions, insightful presentations by GTU students and other institutes, and a collaborative mini-workshop with the Ministry of Education and Science.

Day 3 Highlights: Collaborative Dialogues and Student Presentations

The day commenced with a stimulating round table discussion, fostering open dialogues between the Nuclear Engineering Center and CERN/IPPOG. This interactive session proved to be beneficial for both sides, enhancing the collaborative spirit and paving the way for further synergies.

Amidst the round table discussions, GTU students, and representatives from other institutes took center stage with mixed presentations, showcasing their research and contributions to the scientific community. This unique blend of perspectives added a dynamic layer to the workshop, emphasizing the diverse talent and innovative approaches within the field.

Collaborative Mini-Workshop with the Ministry of Education and Science

A pivotal moment in the day was the collaborative mini-workshop with the Ministry of Education and Science. During this session, Salome Vashakidze, a valued member of the Nuclear Engineering Center and a Ph.D. student, delivered a presentation titled “The Radiation Calculation on the Early Stage of the Geometry Development.” The workshop provided a platform for insightful discussions and knowledge exchange, further strengthening ties between academia and the governmental sector.

The day culminated in a visit to the Nuclear Engineering Center, where guests had the opportunity to explore the working spaces, delve into ongoing projects, and witness the work mode and life cycle of the center. This immersive experience allowed participants to gain a firsthand understanding of the cutting-edge research and collaborative efforts taking place within the Nuclear Engineering Center.

As the third day of the PMBC’2023 Workshop drew to a close, the collaborative energy and knowledge-sharing atmosphere prevailed.

Stay tuned for more updates as the PMBC’2023 Workshop enters its next phase, promising further collaboration, insights, and discoveries in the fascinating realms of science and technology.

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