Day 4: Culminating Day of PMBC’2023 Workshop Features Engaging Public Lectures

Tbilisi, Georgia – The Second PMBC’2023 Workshop “Partners Meeting for Better Collaboration” concluded on a high note with a series of enlightening public lectures held at the National Center for Teachers Professional Development. Renowned experts in the field of particle physics captivated the audience with diverse topics, providing a glimpse into the fascinating world of scientific exploration.

The public lecture series commenced with Hans Peter Beck from Universitaet Bern (CH) taking the stage. His presentation, titled “Particles in the Everyday Life,” brought science closer to the audience by exploring the presence and impact of particles in our daily experiences.

Following Beck, Oleg Solovyanov from LPC Clermont-Ferrand (FR) captivated the audience with insights into “Detector Technologies.” His presentation shed light on the cutting-edge technologies that play a pivotal role in particle physics research.

Shaun Roe, a CERN Senior Physicist and CERN-ATLAS Competent and Software Coordinator, then took the spotlight with a talk on “Computing in High Energy Physics.” The audience gained valuable insights into the computational aspects driving advancements in high-energy physics.

Eirik Gramstad, a Professor at the University of Oslo and Chief expert of IPPOG international master classes, presented on “The International Particle Physics Outreach Group.” His engaging talk, titled “Particle Physics and Fundamental Science Brought to You Since 1997!”, underscored the global efforts to make particle physics accessible and engaging for diverse audiences.

The public lectures served as a bridge between the scientific community and the wider public, fostering a deeper understanding of complex topics in an accessible manner. The diverse range of subjects covered highlighted the multifaceted nature of particle physics and its impact on everyday life.

As the curtain fell on the Second PMBC’2023 Workshop, participants left with a renewed appreciation for the collaborative spirit driving advancements in the field. The public lectures not only enriched the scientific discourse but also emphasized the importance of science communication in making complex concepts relatable to the broader community.

Stay tuned for future updates on the continuation of collaborative efforts and scientific exploration as the PMBC’2023 Workshop leaves a lasting imprint on the intersection of research, education, and public engagement.

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