WP#04/2020-PRESENT – Development of an ATLAS Web-based event Display

Collaborative partners:   University of Massachusetts Amherst

Consolidation of the Development of an ATLAS Web-based event Display ATLAS has access to two web-based javascript applications for displaying events and geometry, namely: Phoenix l , the Hep Software Foundation event display; and Tracer2.

Task description
The purpose of the work package is the merging of the ongoing developments into a single javascript event display and its subsequent development. In order to promote crossæxperiment collaboration, the merged product must exist under the umbrella of the HEP Software Foundation\’s visualization group (and be open-source with a permissive license, preferably the HSF recommended Apache).
The detailed workplan is the first deliverable of this work package and will be developed by the GTU team in discussion with the ATLAS contact person and the HSF event display coordinator. As pre-requisite to this, a code review of both tools will also be undertaken requiring access to the Tracer git repository.

Once merged, further developments would include:
–     Develop a lego plot
–     Get the existing JSON event dumper working as part of ATLAS live, so for run3 we can have 3D views of events in realtime
–     Develop a javascript propagator, to reduce the amount of data which needs to be stored to visualise tracks
–     Develop a way to compress the JSON / JiveXML data, in order to further reduce filesizes

ATLAS Project: Software and Computing
ATLAS contact person: Edward Moyse

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