WP#03/2020 – Development of AGDD Geometry Descriptions of the Cavern and Muon Spectrometer for Simulation

Collaborative partners:   University of Pittsburgh Simulation of radiation and background levels in an underground experiment rely heavily on an accurate description of the geometry of the detector and of the experimental hall: equally important is the chemical composition (materials) of all

WP#01/2020-2021 – Improvement of Passive Material Description of ATLAS Detector for Simulation

Collaborative partners:   University of Edinburg There are several regions of the geometry used in the Geant4 simulation where volumes representing service and support structures are missing or described by insufficient detail. Moreover, volumes representing structures that will undergo modifications during the

WP#03/2016-2019 – Development of Interactive Display of ATLAS Detector for Software Application

Collaborative partners:   University of Glasgow,    University of Arizona A number of static code analyzers are now available to systematically flag suspicious code in a large software project. These tools, like Coverity, CppCheck, and Lizard, look for instances of uninitialized variables that

WP#01/2014 – 2016 – Development of Software Tools used to Store and Retrieve Detector Conditions Data into the ATLAS Oracle Database using the COOL Software Packages

This work is mainly concern with development of new releases of COOL Tag Browser (CTB) software; add string-search function for searching tags in various DB and schemas in Release 11 (R11); add payload data representation in R11; replacement official release