WP#01/2010-2019 – Checking G4 baseline geometry for Integration conflicts and Conformity with as-built geometry

There are regions where MC/data discrepancy is substantial. Purpose of this work is having answer does discrepancy comes due to the difference between Geant4 vs CATIA geometry or not. If yes then G4 baseline geometry will be accordingly modified. Execution of WP will foresee involvement of different groups – Muon group, for choose the region of consideration and checking MC/data discrepancy after geometry modification; Georgian team – reproduction CATIA geometry from SmarTeam and CDD, Geant4vsCATIA comparison, simplification ->XML preparation from CATIA; Muon simulation group – modification of Geant4 baseline geometry. Georgian Team will use unique simulation loop on CATIA platform developed together with ATLAS simulation team.

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