WP#01/2010-2011 – Development of Event Visualisation Display VP1

Collaborative partners:   University of Pittsburgh

  1. Modify Boolean operation processor
  2. Add facilities to visualize, save in inventor file format and select/deselect of Boolean shapes
  3. Add “fish eye view” visualisation mode
  4. Add clash detection functionality
  5. Draw shape outlines for all used shapes
  6. Port triangles from v-atlas
  7. Add accumulation mode for systems wishing to e.g. histogram data over several events
  8. Make common infrastructure for common object browser
  9. Make alternate Rep for all custom shapes
  10. Provide output for TV screen
  11. Display of PID related information
  12. Add automatic projections for RPC’s, TGC’s and CSC’s same as for MDT’s
  13. Improve determination of random track colors
  14. Add option to hide specific tracks

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