Collaborative project between GCCEC and ISOLDE (CERN, Geneva, Switzerland) has been considered at GCCEC office at CERN. GCCEC was represented by director Dr. Sharmazanashvili Alexander. CERN ISOLDE was represented by technical coordinator Dr. Catherall Richard, machine responsible Mr. Voulot Didier and chief engineer Mr. Marzari Stefano. It was concluded that collaboration between GCCEC and ISOLDE/CERN is being executed successfully and will be extended in 2010 while CERN needs more engineering manpower to organize ISOLDE integration on the base of CATIA platform. GCCEC was involved into ISOLDE project in 2008. Since there big assemblies of RFQ, HRS, and 9Gap of ISOLDE-REX have been transferred from Pro/Engineer platform into CATIA. Also models migrated from Euclid platform have been checked on geometrical consistency. ISOLDE (Isotope Separation On-Line) accelerator, founded in 1954, is one of the first linear accelerators. Today modifications are being planned for the Radioactive beam Experiment at ISOLDE (REX-ISOLDE). Since July, 2009 GCCEC becomes responsible for the integration of ISOLDE full facilities.

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