IPPOG masterclasses

In 2021, long-term research agreements were signed with CERN – the IPPOG Agreement.

IPPOG (International Particle Physics Outreach Group) collaboration unites educational centers and universities in 46 countries. According to the agreement, the Nuclear Engineering Center should develop a cognitive software-methodology complex for conducting CERN master classes. The mentioned complex should be introduced at the master classes held in Georgia, and in case of successful results, it should be shared in the IPPOG educational network.

International CERN master classes are held annually in Georgia by the Nuclear Engineering Center. A total of 15 international master classes have been held, including two in the regions – Kutaisi and Telavi. In total, more than 370 students from 30 different schools participated in the mentioned events. The Nuclear Engineering Center is also involved in academic activity and from 2020 is implementing a master’s training program at the Faculty of Informatics and Management Systems. The program syllabi are based on CERN themes and based on research projects.