Insightful Session at Touch 2023 – International Tech Summit: Unveiling Key Perspectives

Our group manager, Alexander Sharmazanashvili, took center stage as a speaker at the prestigious Touch 2023 – International Tech Summit. Touch, renowned for uniting events, professionals, mentors, startups, companies, and investors, stands as a collaborative platform where the future is shaped with peace and love.

Alexander’s talk was part of the distinguished “Future Stage” block, where he delved into the realm of “Digital Design Technologies.” His engaging presentation touched upon various facets of this burgeoning field, emphasizing its prevalence in modern activities. The scope of digital design spans a wide range of implementations, from style design to CAD/CAM, web development, prototyping, and beyond.

In his address, Alexander underscored the growing popularity of digital design and its multifaceted applications. He particularly highlighted the significance of advanced 3D geometry modeling and visualization technologies, such as augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and mixed realities. According to him, these technologies play a pivotal role in the contemporary landscape, especially in the realm of application development.

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