Student of Georgian Technical University Niko TSUTSKIRIDZE has been invited for 2 month at CERN, Geneva, Switzerland for scientific research and preparation of Master’s degree dissertation work. Business trip should be started on 10th of April, 2012 and fully sponsored by Georgian Technical University (GTU). At the end of the visit approbation should be done – CERN experts will examine quality of the work and give written statement. This is the part of activity agreed in the framework of collaborative project AA366/10 between CERN, GTU and GCCEC. Niko TSUTSKIRIDZE entered GCCEC in 2011. He has successfully passed training courses in CATIA design/modelling and ATLAS software computing. He was participated in ATLAS coil geometry descriptions preparation for Geant4 done by GCCEC for ATLAS simulation community.

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