Dr. Alexander SHARMAZANASHVILI participated in to International biannual symposium TMCE-2010 “Tools and Methods for Competitive Engineering” held in Ancona, Italy. He has presentation on the forum panelist section of Virtual Engineering (see details here…). More than 200 worldwide professionals have 4 day discussions in 24 sections about the state-of-the-art of computer aided product and process modeling fields. Strategies,methodologies, hardware, case studies, future trends have been considered. Symposium was under the special focus of the industry and universities. Dr. Alexander SHARMAZANASHVILI has represented ATLAS engineering community. Report titled “VIRTUAL ENGINEERING STUDY IN ATLAS COLLABORATION ” (download .pdf here …) describes engineering work for the construction of ATLAS detector, part of LHC project, CERN, Geneva, Switzerland. It highlights special cases of product design/modeling aspects like complexity of geo model, dense environment for integration, limited space and strict requirements for the installation and positioning, etc. Engineering in virtual environment for the CATIA models migration project was also represented.

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