ATLAS e-new media devote plot as follow to GCCEC and ATLAS collaboration. “Since the early 2000s, ATLAS has enjoyed a fruitful cooperation with the Georgian CAD/CAM Engineering Centre (GCCEC) which has taken responsibility in managing the huge ATLAS 3D CATIA design database and tool kit. A novel feature is a shared virtual design office between CERN and Tbilisi. Its director, Alexander (Lasha) Sharmazanashvili, illustrated at the conference with impressive examples how his group found critical engineering issues, for example during the virtual installation of the ATLAS End-Cap Toroids, in time for the real action at Point-1. “We had to work out how this monster was going down”, says Lasha. The ‘official’ ATLAS delegation had some representative duties as well, before relaxing in the friendly atmosphere of the Georgian settings. On the agenda were formal visits for Peter Jenni together with Jemal Khubua to the President of the Georgian Academy of Science, with the Rector of TSU, and of a larger delegation including also Lasha, Markus Nordberg and Dario Barberis to the Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Georgia, Nodar Surguladze. Mr Surguladze expressed an encouraging interest in (and mention of financial support for) broadening cooperation with CERN and ATLAS on software developments via the GCCEC. Some of the meetings and talks were followed by a Georgian TV crew, who made interviews and even visited CERN two weeks later for further footage”. Full plot can be downloaded hereā€¦

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