ATLAS delegation were visited Georgia for the participation in International conference PFC2009 Physics at the Future Colliders organized by Institute of High Energy Physics, State University of Georgia. Delegation consists of ATLAS former spokesperson prof. Peter Jenni, ATLAS resource manager Dr. Markus Nordberg and ATLAS software manager prof. Dario Barberis. Delegation has visited GCCEC office in Tbilisi and met with staff. GCCEC represents virtual design office and organize on-line design session with designers from CERN (Geneva, Switzerland) in order to represent benefits of virtual engineering – methodology which is implemented by GCCEC in several collaboration projects. Delegation also visited deputy minister of education and science of Georgia, Dr. Nodar Surguladze. Deputy Minister expresses interest for broad collaboration with CERN not just through the fundamental sciences but also by involvement of Georgian engineers and IT professionals. Rector of Georgian Technical University prof. Archil Prangishvili and Director of GCCEC prof. Alexander Sharmazanashvili proposed join participation in ATLAS software development activity. ATLAS delegation expresses also interest in such kind of collaboration. Georgian government express readiness for financial support of collaboration. Finally parties agree in preparation of corresponding agreement in upcoming months.

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