Georgian Delegation were visiting Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH (FZJ) including the following members – Prof. Archil Motsonelidze, Deputy Director of Georgian National Science Foundation, Prof. Archil Prangishvili, Rector of Georgian Technical University (GTU), Prof. Elguja Kutelia, Head of Department at GTU, Prof. David Tavkhelidze, Head of Department at GTU, Prof. Alexander Sharmazanashvili, Director of Georgian CAD/CAM Engineering Center (GCCEC). FZJ was presented by Prof. Sebastian Schmidt, Prof. Hans Ströher and Dr. Andro Kacharava (IKP) and Elena Abrosimova (International relations, UA-I). It was visiting IKP (Prof. Rudolf Maier/), COSY cooler synchrotron (Dr. Dieter Prasuhn), Institute for Advanced Simulation (Prof. Boris Orth), Institute of Energy Research (Prof. Lorenz Singheiser), RWTH Aachen, DFG Bonn (Dr. Christian Schaich). It was considered Cooperation between FZJ and different Georgian partner institutions: discussion of the topics of common interest in the field of Natural Sciences, Engeneering, and Information Technology Cooperation between RWTH Aachen and Georgian Universities: Students and Researchers Exchange Program Bilateral financing of the common projects performed in Jülich and in Georgia via DFG and GNSF Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between FZJ and Georgian Universities. It was agreed to continue working in order to formulate final version of MoU.

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