Meeting between ATLAS Technical Coordinator, Marzio Nessi, ATLAS Design Office Manager, Raphael Vuillermet , ATLAS General Integrator, Tatiana Kliutchnikova , and GCCEC Director, Alexander Sharmazanashvili, was held in ATLAS Technical Coordination Office. GCCEC handed over to ATLAS the product of their collaboration project, 3D models data base built in CATIA v5, containing 3D CATIA editable models in form of CATProducts and CATParts, 3D CATIA non-editable models in form of CGR facet based representation, 2D CATIA drawings in form of CADDrawings, Compare reports of checking of CATIA parts in form of HTML documents, Completeness report of checking of CATIA assemblies in form of HTML documents. This product is composed of 2 packages each consisting of 4 DVD’s with total amount of 31Gb of data. Also it was mentioned that ATLAS is willing to continue collaboration with GCCEC in future. ATLAS experts are already studying ways for this cooperation. Collaboration between Georgian CAD/CAM Engineering Center (GCCEC) and ATLAS first started on May 2006. The extremely complex Euclid database of 3D models of the ATLAS detector had to be converted into CATIA platform. In this collaboration with ATLAS TC and CERN CAD support group, GCCEC staff in Georgia had to extract models from CERN database, edit them according to the requirements of successful conversion into CATIA editable models and register the models back into CERN database of standards.

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