Member of Georgian CAD/CAM Engineering Center, Alexander Bitadze will spend 3 years performing a PhD research at University of Glasgow. Research is based at CERN (the European Center for Nuclear Research) in Geneva, and assumes understanding the ATLAS inner tracking detector’s evaporative cooling system. Possessing specialized knowledge of the field, brought by his degree and M.Sc., coupled with experience of years working with ATLAS, Alexander will need to model the effect of work of the sophisticated evaporative cooling system using the best experimental understanding of two-phase flow in fluid systems. This is still very much at the concept level and Bitadze is expected to turn these concepts into real ideas and time permitting in to prototypes. In 2004 designer of CAD/CAM Engineering center Alexander Bitadze was awarded degree of Masters of Computer Sciences with specialization of Integrated CAD/CAM systems. His research was concerning the field of CAD/CAM system customization on the base of AutoCAD ObjectARX resource. In the same 2004 Alexander Bitadze was invited at CERN in ATLAS TCn to take part in Euclid/CATIA designing work for pixel group of inner detector.

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