Dr. Alexander SHARMAZANASHVILI participated in to International biannual symposium TMCE-2008
“Tools and Methods for Competitive Engineering” held in Izmir, Turkey. He has podium presentation on the section of virtual manufacturing (see details here…). More than 200 world wide professionals have 4 day discussions in 5 parallel sections about the state-of-the-art in computer based design field. Strategies, methodologies, hardware,case studies, future trends have been considered. Forum was under the special focus of the industry and universities. Paper of Dr. Alexander SHARMAZANASHVILI “Cutting Process Optimization on the Base of CNC Adaptive Programming” (download .pdf here…) has win the competition organized by the symposium and has been accepted for podium presentation and for publication. Paper has passed anonymous reviewing of International program committee and obtains 7.96 overall credits from 10. It was summarized that the paper is a very valuable contribution in the given area and relevant for the TMCE2008 Symposium (see reviewers estimations and comments here…)

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