HESR consortium meeting was held in Juelich, Germany. Meeting was organized by the Forschungszentrum (FZJ). Collaborative partners of consortium are FZJ and Uppsala University, Sweden. It was announced about possible membership of Georgian CAD/CAM engineering center, Tbilisi, Georgia. HESR developments have been discussed. Also latest news was presented by the FAIR core team members. It was considered results of 2 test projects between FZJ and Georgian engineering center and was summarized that projects are executed on high engineering level. Consortium expresses strong interest in collaboration with Georgian engineering center. Two start-up test projects were chosen in January, 2008 to check possible cooperation between CAD/CAM Engineering Center and FZJ. According to first project center have to build parameterized 3D model of the MXL sextupole magnet from the 2D drawings. 2nd project foresee development of conceptual design for transportation of various types of magnets inside the HESR tunnel.

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