Georgian broadcasting company IMEDI has been arrived at CERN (Geneva, Switzerland) to prepare the plot about CAD/CAM engineering center activity. Journalist Mr. Grdzelishvili D. and operator Tvaradze M. have had a trip in underground ATLAS cavern, around the CERN and Georgian team office. They have recorded interview with ATLAS technical coordinator M.Nessi and with director of CAD/CAM engineering center A.Sharmazanashvili. Plot (hereā€¦) has to be prepared for popular in Georgia telecast “DROEBA” CAD/CAM engineering center has collaborative activity with CERN since 2004. Agreement AA177/04 has been signed in 2004 between ATLAS Collaboration, CERN and CAD/CAM Engineering Center to explore engineering manpower for computer aided designing work. Addendum of Agreement AA 177/04 has been signed in Geneva, Switzerland in April, 2006 by ATLAS TCn and Georgian CAD/CAM engineering center in order to enforce the Euclid_to_CATIA migration process

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