Project Responsible: from SMIC:  Temur Kalandadze
Director of SMIC from CenterAlexander Sharmazanashvili
Engineering center chief manager

Purpose of this collaborative project was development of network software application for registration and accounting. Necessity for development of network architecture of software was coming from the requirements as follow:
– Recommendations of TNO – International organization
– Account registration efficiency
– Account registration transparency
– Relationship between different departments
– Account registration reliability

CAD/CAM engineering center has developed network architecture of software and separate 3 different levels of account registration:
– I level   Accounting of Companies liabilities
– II level  Local accountings in companies departments
– III level Companies common accounting

According to architecture network software application based on the SQL recourse was built. Application consists of:
– 14 software modules (50 000 compiled strings of source code)
– 23 network databases

Network databases contains 800 fields of data; 76 different document forms can be generated; each software module permits to:
– Fill data
– Edit data
– Documented data
– Carried out registration
– Automated synthesis of analytical data
– Progress data by date, by regions, by insurance police, by organizations

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