International Masterclasses in Particle Physics

International Masterclasses in Particle Physics Held in Georgia

On March 1, 2024, an international gathering for hands-on particle physics masterclasses. Participating universities included AGH UST Krakow, Poland; UAM/CSIC Madrid, Spain; and GTU Tbilisi, Georgia. The event, held in Georgia, was meticulously organized by the Ministry of Education, Science, and Youth of Georgia, in collaboration with the Georgian Technical University’s Faculty of Informatics and Control Systems and the Nuclear Engineering Center.

The proceedings began with an uplifting opening ceremony, where participants were warmly greeted by the esteemed Rector of GTU and the Dean of the Faculty of Informatics and Control Systems. Subsequently, attendees were treated to enlightening lectures delivered by Professor Hans-Peter Beck from Switzerland, Professor Alexander Sharmazanashvili, and Dr. Niko Tsutskiridze, both from Georgia.

Following the intellectually stimulating lectures, a practical session on the IPPOG (International Particle Physics Outreach Group) Exercises ensued. Mentors, including S. Vashakidze, M. Nozadze, V. Dolinski, and A. Alikhanov, guided participants through engaging hands-on activities.

The event reached its zenith with an interactive quiz and a riveting CERN videoconference, expertly led by Dr. Tadej Novak from CERN, Switzerland. Participants were engrossed in discussions and exchanges at the forefront of particle physics research.

As the day drew to a close, participants were honored with the presentation of certificates, marking their successful completion of the masterclasses. The event not only fostered academic collaboration but also ignited a fervent passion for particle physics among the participants, promising a bright future for scientific exploration and discovery.

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