A Book by Alexander Sharmazanashvili Explores “Geometry Modelling in High-Energy Physics (HEP)” at CERN Library

Our team leader, Alexander Sharmazanashvili, has authored a book titled “Geometry Modelling in High-Energy Physics (HEP),” which is currently housed within the CERN library. This book is available in both physical and electronic formats, with the electronic version accessible via the following link.

The book provides an intricate exploration of the complexities inherent in geometric modeling, with a distinctive focus on the systematic derivation of all geometry models from a central reference geometry model. This endeavor necessitates a strictly hierarchical approach for managing all geometry-related data.

The initial chapter of the book delves into the Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Geometry of the ATLAS Detector, while the subsequent chapter addresses the development of geometry for engineering purposes. Chapters three and four are dedicated to the development of geometry for physics analysis and outreach & education, respectively. Chapters five and six are devoted to the Hereditary Geometry Model (HGM) concept, encompassing the development of reference geometry, the structuration of descriptions, and the selection of descriptions. The seventh chapter explores the HGM concept further, specifically focusing on geometry simplification, and the final eighth chapter explores various geometry modeling tools.

It is anticipated that this book will make a valuable contribution to the systematic investigation of geometry modeling within the context of high-energy physics experiments (HEP).

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