Book presentation: “Geometry modelling in High-Energy Physics”

31 March | Book presentation: “Geometry modelling in High-Energy Physics” by Alexander Sharmazanashvili

Our group manager Alexander Sharmazanashvili held a Book presentation “Geometry modelling in High Energy Physics experiments” at CERN in a hybrid form: in person in Room C and online (videoconference).

Book about a detailed overview of the complexity inherent to geometric modeling, where the novelty is to derive all geometry models consistently from a central reference geometry model, which requires a strictly hierarchical approach for handling all geometry data. Sharmazanashvili presents the usefulness of a hierarchical reference geometry model, from which application-specific simplified geometry models are derived. Thereby, consistency between different simplified models is guaranteed and costs can be saved as different simplified geometry models do not need to be developed individually and independently, but simply follow from a reference prescription.

The presentation was attended by all group members and guests from ATLAS collaboration. There were many questions and Alexander answered all of them. All the participants wish the best wishes for Alexander.

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