Astronomy Day 2022

On 10 May 2022, on mount Kanobili in Abastumani, the Evgeni Kharadze National Astrophysical Observatory of LEPL-Georgia held an event #AstronomyDay2022. The event was attended by a representative of the ministry of education and science of Georgia, the Staff of Observatory and Academy of Sciences, the partner Universities of the Observatory, up to a hundred students, and our group members Nino Zurashvili and Besik Kekelia.
The event was about 90 years since the founding of the Observatory, and the International Day of Astronomy.
The event Time Table:

Gravitational waves and black holes (A. Gurtchumelia);
What do we know about the Universe? (S. Mchedlidze);
Birth of stars and evolution (S. Beradze);
Astrophysical discos (M. Kavtaradze);

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