Our project manager Alexander Sharmazanashvili presented “tracer status and steps towards migration with phoenix” during event display discussions. Main topic of the talks was to revisit Tracer and Phoenix and talk about possibilities of merger. Following steps were proposed from Tracers side:
1.We think PHX have 2 ways to progress: either find big consensus with all event-display developers of the other experiments for the portation of their applications into the PHX, or stay as an aggressive body and duplicate others developments in the PHX.
2.PHX can not be an aggressive body. Without consensus with other developers, it is a dead project.
3.It is proposed, in 2020 we stay with our development plans and not stressing situation with the generation of contradictions.
4.In parallel to the TRC development, TRC/PHX developers will make an RD work to be prepared for the possible new project.
5.At the end of 2020, we meet each other again and verify if PHX reach a big consensus with the other developers and it is a viable project; if PHX/TRC developers did successful RD work and if ATLAS and GTU find a new formula for the collaboration.
6.Then starting from 2021 we will participate in TRC->PHX portation project.

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