Our project manager Alexander Sharmazanashvili presented at ATLAS Week Outreach Parallel Session on 26th february, 2020. Main topic of the presentation was to inform ATLAS outreach about new TRACER based applications and their concepts.

Alexander started presentation with speaking about TRACER itself, as a core and main system for other applications, described and spoke starting concept of this web-based application which started in 2016. Alexander made a comparision between TRACER then, at starting point, and TRACER nowadays. Comparision showed many many differences and development in application\’s history. After TRACER Alexander spoke about sub-system applications based on TRACER, such are : TRACER-TC, TRACER-ART, TRACER-ARD, TRACER-LND , Tracer/ARB and others. After generally speaking about TRACER-TC, which is web-based detector display for Tile Calorimeter, Alexander spoke detailed about concepts of AR applications (TRACER-ART, TRACER-ARD, TRACER-LND , Tracer/ARB ).The idea of these AR applications captivated the audience, and even more they were surprised and they got even more excited seeing Demo versions of these applications in live. ATLAS Outreach immediately got involved and asked many questions about future plans, Demo versions and even shared some ideas about using AR applications.

We can proudly say that our team was the first team to share AR applications to CERN outreach.

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