Our group’s Project Manager Alexander Sharmazanashvili and Simulation group’s leader Niko Tsutskiridze presented at AGDD Passive Material Studies Meeting and talked about our Simulation groups work, gave detailed information about life cycle of the project, works that the\’ve already done, Actual future to do list and Preliminary to do list for Simulation group.
They also described life cycle of the project, that looks like following:

  1. Reproduction of 3D geometry from S-Team
  2. Getting Geant-4 model in Catia
  3. Structurization of Catia model according to Geant-4 model
  4. Compare Analyses (Catia VS Geant)
  5. Report Submission on Simulation\Muon meetings
  6. Simplification of CATIA volumes
  7. XML preparation and other.

You can see presentation file here.

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