Georgian Technical university’s student Archil surmava successfully finished his PhD studies with the help of advisor Alexander Sharmazanashvili. Main topic of thesis was development analysis and synthesis for complete engineering geometry model of ATLAS detector. Studies for thesis was done at CERN. The topic of the thesis is of great interest to a lot of scientist working at CERN this is why one of reviewers during thesis defense was Dr JEAN-PIERRE CHARLES REVOL.

Dr JEAN-PIERRE CHARLES REVOL is very famous scientist who holds degrees in engineering, mathematics and particle physics. He was the member of the group which discovered gluon in 1979 and W± and Z0particles in 1983. For this exceptional contribution members of the group were awarded with honorary award and two leading members were given a Nobel Prize.

Dr JEAN-PIERRE CHARLES REVOL stated that work is original an makes optimal use of modern computing tools, there is no doubt that this new approach to the geometry description of complex systems will be used beyond ATLAS’s applications.

What matters in science is to avoid experimental mistakes, therefore the tools described in this theiss are of utmost importance. Development described in this thesis is extremely useful from the practical point of view.

Work has the quality of a thesis in one of the best universities world-wide.

The author gives very positive impression of someone totally in control of the subject. He became expert in his domain.

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