Simulation Loop Between Cad Systems, GEANT-4 and GeoModel: Implementation and Results

Authors: Alexander Sharmazanashvili, Niko Tsutskiridze
Publisher: Physics of Particles and Nuclei Letters, Vol. 13, No. 5, pp. 724–727
Year: 2016


Compare analysis of simulation and as-built geometry descriptions of detector is important field of study for data_vs_Monte-Carlo discrepancies. Shapes consistency and detalization is not important while adequateness of volumes and weights of detector components are essential for tracking. There are 2 main reasons of faults of geometry descriptions in simulation: (1) Difference between simulated and as-built geometry descriptions; (2) Internal inaccuracies of geometry transformations added by simulation software infrastructure itself. Georgian Engineering team developed hub on the base of CATIA platform and several tools enabling to read in CATIA different descriptions used by simulation packages, like XML->CATIA; VP1->CATIA; Geo-Model->CATIA; Geant4->CATIA. As a result it becomes possible to compare different descriptions with each other using the full power of CATIA and investigate both classes of reasons of faults of geometry descriptions. Paper represents results of case studies of ATLAS Coils and End-Cap toroid structures.


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