Georgian Team represented results of execution of Working Packages (WP) during the recent 4 years to ATLAS Software Computing (S/C) collaboration. ATLAS S/C was presented by Dr Richard MOUNT (Stanford University, USA) Computing Coordinator; Dr Eric LANCON (CEA, Sacley, France) Deputy Computing Coordinator; Dr Dario BARBERIS (Genova University, Italy) Database Coordinator; Dr John CHAPMAN (Cambridge University, UK) Simulation Technical Coordinator; Dr Philip CLARK (Edinburg University, UK). Results of Georgian Team were presented by Team Leader Dr Alexander SHARMAZANASHVILI. Execution of 3 WP’s was considered. WP1 – Checking Geant4 baseline geometry for integration conflicts and conformity with as-built geometry. It was presented – checking results of ATLAS coils baseline geometry; Integration conflicts study for coils; Checking of MDT supports baseline geometry; Checking of TGC1 supports baseline geometry; Checking of TGC2 supports baseline geometry; Checking of End-Cap Toroid baseline geometry; 2 dissertation works were completed; 1 paper published; 2 participations in International symposiums – 2010 in Ancona, Italy and 2012 in Karlsruhe, Germany. WP2 – Adding new volumes to baseline geometry – Adding New Small Wheel (NSW) Inner Circle; Adding NSW Outer circle geometry; Adding NSW Chambers geometry; Adding Electronic Boxes; Adding LA Drain Line; Adding LA Pump; Adding By Pass Tube; Adding LN2-GN2 Lines; Adding Cryostat Safety Line; Adding Solenoid Line; Adding Middle Services –S1. WP3 – Development of COOL Tag Browser tool – 10 Releases have been produced; R10 is now official version /1.7k Java/Php strings; R11 is now in development version /2.3k Java/Php strings; 1 paper has been published; 1 participation in International Conference, CHEP2013 in Amsterdam, Holland (Download presentation here …). Georgian Team received positive feedbacks from ATLAS. Both parties agree idea for continuation of collaboration in 2014-15. List of new working packages will be discussed later.

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