ATLAS collaboration, CERN (Geneva, Switzerland) together with Georgian team (GCCEC, GTU) signed addendum to ATLAS agreement AA366/10 for prolongation of work up to the end of 2014. Document was signed by ATLAS spokesperson Fabiola GIANOTTI; ATLAS computing coordinator Hans Von der SCHMITT; ATLAS resource coordinator Markus NORDBERG; ATLAS national contact physicist for Georgia Jemal KHUBUA; Rector of Georgian Technical University Archil PRANGISHVILI; Director of Georgian CADCAM Engineering Centre Alexander SHARMAZANASHVILI. Addendum foresees extension of work by adding new working packages to be executed by Georgian team for the ATLAS software computing:

1) “Checking Conformity of G4 Baseline Geometry with as-Built CATIA Geometry”- 1FTE; CERN contact person: Daniel Froidevaux.
2) “Checking Overlaps in Existing G4 Baseline Geometry”- 1FTE CERN contact person: Andrea Dell’Acqua.
3) “Adding New Volumes in G4 Baseline Geometry”- 2FTE CERN contact person: Andrea Dell’Acqua.
4) “Design/Installation Contribution in New Small Wheel Development”- 1FTE CERN contact person: Ludovico Pontecorvo.

ATLAS Agreement AA366/10 was signed in 2010 and foresees execution of 4 working packages. For this purpose GTU employee 5FTE staff and signed memorandum of collaboration with GCCEC. GCCEC took responsibility for the project management and quality of results delivered to CERN customers. All parties confirmed success of collaborative project.

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