GCCEC celebrates 90 anniversary of former manager Nikoloz SHARMAZANASHVILI. Nikoloz was director of GCCEC starting from 2006 and resigned in 2011. His professional carrier was outstanding and remarkable in engineering society of Soviet Union and Georgia. He starts as an engineer of communication systems in Moscow military branch organization, holding positions from sector leader up to general constructor. After 20 years fruitful work in Moscow he moved in Georgia on the position of director of several research institutes – “TNIISA”, “TKB”. He was one of the godfather, who established microelectronic branch in Georgia. Under his leadership first Georgian microelectronic organization “MIONI” was built. Later he moved into organization “Delta” and lead projects for the development of new generation of fuzes for Georgian army. He is author of 19 units implemented in military branch. He was awarded with 9 state prizes. GCCEC congratulates Nikoloz SHARMAZANASHVILI with his 90 anniversary and wish him happy celebration.

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