Second ATLAS/CERN Software/Computing Workshop & Tutorial – SCSWT’2012 was open on 23rd of October at Georgian Technical University. Workshop was organized by ATLAS collaboration, GTU and GCCEC. More than 70 participants were registered and participated from Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia and CERN member countries. SCSWT main objectives were, consideration, of perspectives of installation/ development of local GRID clusters; of integration between the low-level GRID middleware and high-level ATLAS software packages for distributed computing; of experience and evolution of end-users working models in south Caucasus region. 25 podium presentations were held and published on CERN broadcasting server. Also, tutorial and technical discussion was organized in computer class with installed ATLAS software connected to local GRID clusters at Georgian Technical University. At the end, round table discussion was held at University of Georgia, SCSWT results and future workshop objectives were considered.

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