CCEC together with ATLAS collaboration, CERN Geneva, Switzerland announced “2nd ATLAS/CERN South Caucasus Software/Computing Workshop & Tutorial” SCSTW’2012. This event follows on from the first workshop (SCSWT’2010) in October 2010 that brought together for the first time the ATLAS groups from the South Caucasus countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia) to discuss common computing related issues. It aims at fostering contacts between ATLAS collaborators and computing people in these countries and experts in ATLAS software and Grid computing technologies. Sessions will cover the following topics:

• General Introduction and ATLAS Distributed Computing tools and operations.
• Networking.
• Grid Distributed Computing – site setup and optimiztion.
• Using Grid tools from geographically remote locations.

Ample time will be reserved for discussions, both during and outside the formal sessions. The workshop/tutorial will take place in the rich and pleasant cultural environment of Tbilisi. A cultural program will be organized for participants and accompanying family members.

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