GCCEC has modified virtual Point-1 Event Visualization display core modules. Module with tag name VP1HEPV-00-06-04 increase SoPolyhedron rendering performance more than twice – for heavy geometry scenes from 7fps up to 18fps and for light scenes from 14fps up to 36fps. VP1 development team find out it absolutely sufficient for the moment. Module with tag name VP1HEPV-00-06-02 permits to dump Boolean geometry into special inventory file. Download details here … Both modules have been uploaded on SVN repository and have status as candidates for the new AtlasProduction release. Development of ATLAS event visualization 3D display -VP1 is one of the subjects of collaboration between ATLAS CERN, Geneva, Switzerland, GCCEC, Tbilisi, Georgia and Georgian Technical University starting from January, 2010.

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