The First ATLAS South Caucasus Software / Computing Workshop & Tutorial have been opened at Georgian Technical University (GTU). Workshop is hosted by Tbilisi State University (TSU) and Georgian Research and Educational Network Association (GRENA). Welcome addresses were done by rector of GTU Archil Prangishvili, rector of TSU Alexander Kvitashvili, SCSWT chairmen Dario Barberis and SCSWT contact Lasha Sharmazanashvili. Five theoretical plenary sessions were organized in ATLAS software, ATLAS Grid, Data selection, Data analysis and Tier-3s. Also, five practical tutorials were held in TSU and GRENA classes on finding data on the Grid, Running jobs on the Grid, Complex data searches, Make your own D3PD, Final analysis with proof. 12 ATLAS participants from worldwide, 5 Armenian, 5 Azerbaijan and 23 Georgian participants were participated. Workshop met great success and provokes high interest of society in Georgia and local government as well. It was well consecrated by local media. SCSWT was organized by ATLAS collaboration, GCCEC, GTU, TSU and GRENA.

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