Today, GCCEC signed memorandum of cooperation with Georgian Technical University (GTU). Both parties have agreed with joint participation in ATLAS (CERN, Geneva, Switzerland) software development project. GCCEC will provide join team with 3D geometrical CATIA modeling and C++ programming staff, with computational recourses and office. GTU will make financial contribution for staff associations and involve selected master’s students. Project coordination will be done by GCCEC. Also, GCCEC will be responsible for all results submitted by the join team at CERN. In addition GCCEC will help GTU to establish the master’s degree educational program in nuclear engineering. Memorandum was signed by director of GCCEC, professor Alexander Sharmazanashvili and rector of GTU, professor Archil Prangishvili. Above memorandum is the part of proposal GCCEC has given to Georgian government in summer, 2009 for the support of development of new high school educational programs in engineering.

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