Georgian CAD/CAM Engineering Center (GCCEC) finished the collaborative project with ATLAS which started on May 2006. The extremely complex Euclid database of 3D models of the ATLAS detector had to be converted into CATIA platform. In this collaboration with ATLAS TC and CERN CAD support group, GCCEC staff in Georgia had to extract models from CERN database, edit them according to the requirements of successful conversion into CATIA editable models and register the models back into CERN database of standards. During this project GCCEC completed the transfer of 3D models from Euclid and MDT systems to CATIA V5 system. 3 705 3D models and 2D drafts have been transferred, thus creating the complete set of CAD models database of the ATLAS detector. The total amount of work for GCCEC came to 10 000 designer hours. Engineers from center were also involved in ATLAS detector integration conflict checking and migrated from Euclid-to-CATIA models checking activity. GCCEC also provided the collaborative partner CPPM (Center de Physique des Particules de Marseille), with ATLAS detector 3D model for fabrication of mock-up.

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