Georgian CAD/CAM Engineering Center (GCCEC) sign new collaborative project with ATLAS, CERN. GCCEC agree to have a responsibility to built and provide ATLAS detector 3D model with cutouts for fabrication of mock-up. 3D CAD model have to respond to the special requirements, to be compatible with stereo lithography technology, minimize bill of material for cost effectiveness and ensure high mechanical stability of muck-up. Collaborative partner of GCCEC in this project will be CPPM – Center de Physique des Particules de Marseille, Marseille, France. Mock-up will be manufactured at the company in Paris, France and will be distributed on ATLAS week at Bern, Switzerland in July, 2008. 16 additional institutes world wide express also the interests in mock-up. CERN will cover all financial expenses of 3D solids preparation through the payments on dedicated Georgian team account.

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