Diter Prazun, director of HESR consortium, arrived to Geneva and visited GCCEC international office. The subject of conversation concerned possible participation of GCCEC engineers in the construction of HESR accelerator. On it’s part GCCEC presented the acquired experience of working at CERN. The online session of 3D designing was shown, which covering distances gives GCCEC designers possibility of accomplishing their projecting works in real time with collaborative partners abroad. Dieter Prazun expressed strong interest in the innovative technologies which are being used in GCCEC, and came up with the initiative for GCCEC to take part in the tender for achieving HESR working packages. HESR, stands for High Energy Storage Ring for antiprotons, located in the Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research (FAIR) European/International research centre which provides scientists from all over the world with facility for studying matter at the level of atoms, atomic nuclei, protons, hadrons, quarks and gluons.

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