New agreement on collaboration was signed between CERN CAEC (Computer Aided Engineering Committee) and Georgian CAD/CAM engineering center. According the agreement stuff from center would be involved in the activity of investigation of reliability of Euclid_to_CATIA migration life cycle. CERN implement special software tool from Matradatavision, so called connector for conversion Euclid 2D/3D models into CATIA natives. However successful conversation depends on many of factors including Euclid geometry tree and ways of its development. So, systematical investigations are needed to generate methodology for Euclid designers for reliable execution of Euclid_to_CATIA migration procedures. CERN CAEC will pay 1’500CHF per month to CAD/CAM engineering center for this purpose. Center will involve at least 1 engineer in this investigation. Collaboration will start at 1st of September, 2005. Report will be prepared after each case of fault analyses. Fault reasons will be grouped and corresponding statistical data will be built.

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