Agreement AA 177/04 has been signed in Geneva, Switzerland by ATLAS TCn authorities and chief manager of Georgian CAD/CAM engineering center. According to this new contract ATLAS will pay 4’000CHF/month to engineering center in Georgia to explore engineering manpower for computer aided designing work. Stuff in Georgia has to be check integration conflicts and do comparison of initial Euclid models with generated CATIA models. Results will be represented by e-reports and will be shared through the web. Stuff will be managed remotely from CERN. For this purpose one PJAS position foresee at CERN. Also designers from CAD/CAM engineering center will be invited at CERN. Project will start from 1st of the September, 2004. 1st stage will be finished in 30 of April, 2005. At the end of this period results of collaboration will be estimated and decision for future cooperation will be made.

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